Our Basic Idea

The Service Concept

Every year we fill up our machines with thousands of liters of shoe grease, which shines the shoe leather on more than hundreds of thousands of users. And this is just the beginning… Smile and Shine’s idea is to position machines and give full service. This is a concept that both works and is appreciated by our customers. Just like a pair of shoes, a shoe shine machine need regular care in order to work perfectly. Our service staff makes visits, what we call recurring routine visits, every 4th to 8th week. The machine is wiped clean both inside and outside, shoe polish is refilled, brushes are cleaned, the rug is vacuumed, etc. If our machines should not work according to the customers’ satisfaction, we make emergency visits immediately in order to make sure the machine works or, if needed, exchange it for a new one. Changing brushes is included in our service.

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